(Hope Primary School located in Khami, Bulawayo)

COMPLETED (2017-2018) - Total raised  = $1, 518


We are thrilled to announce that our partners, Rotary Club of Bulawayo have identified our next school as Hope Primary School located in Khami, Bulawayo. The school has 430 students in total: Girls- 228, boys- 202.

Let's come together and contribute, one classroom at a time #Inspired.



(Vungwi primary in Shurugwi & Takaliawa in Matabeleland South)

COMPLETED (2014 - 2015) - Total raised: $ 2,789


The project is to furnish two primary rural schools in Zimbabwe with desks and chairs.


This will not provide every child with a desk, but as every dollar you donate helps, so does every desk. According to figures from UNESCO, over 95 million school children in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to a school desk.


Let's come together and contribute, one desk at a time.



(Scholarship programme for Vungwi Students 2013-2014)

A Charles Kandarira Scholarship sends a child to school for 3 terms (1 year) at the cost of $60. This programme is running concurrently with the Forward with Education project. Our objective is to administer 10 scholarships. If you are interested in providing a scholarship, please contact us.



We named the scholarship in memory of Charles Kandarira. Charles was Past District Governor of Rotary International of Southern Africa, District 9210. He was a distinguished Rotarian and a gentleman to say the least of this great man's character. Charles worked tirelessly and diligently with us on our very first project. He was instrumental in assuring that our project would be executed with the utmost effectiveness and transparency which paved the path to a successful project. Charles sadly passed away a few days after the delivery of the desks and chairs to Vungwi primary school, making our project his last act of the most extraordinary human he was.

2013-2014 Scholarship pledges: total 10 scholarships provided


If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship, please contact us or make your donation indicating that you wish to provide a scholarship.


We thank you for your generosity.


(Vungwi Primary School)


(2012 - 2013 project) - Total raised: $ 3,000


A Run for Education was our first project for Vungwi primary school. This school was built in 1905, in Shurugwi, Zimbabwe and has a student population of 850 ranging from grades 1 to 7. Our goal for this project was to provide desks and chairs for as many students as possible.


Our goal was met and we furnished a large Grade 7 classroom. The team and donors' efforts were well received and the students showed theri appreciation by presenting us with an unexpected and heartfelt thank-you ceremony.

(see link to video below)


Thank you to all who participated in making this project come alive!

Photos & videos of the A Run for Education project



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