Your donation allows us to provide the tools for education so that our students can focus and succeed with learning. We want students to focus their attention on learning and not what they have to find to sit and write on.

2017 GOAL = $3,000

Cost of a chair = $35 CAD

Cost of a desk = $55 CAD

What is also particularly interesting about these desks and chairs is that there are manufactured by a team of disabled students called Abilities Group in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


While our intended mission is providing desks and chairs to impoverished rural schools, buying locally creates employment for the disabled students, thus creating a twofold benefit to your donation.

The Foundations Yearly Costs:

1) Cost of website - $67

2) Cost of money wire transfer to Zimbabwe - $35

3) Cost of print, paper & set up for events - $60

4) Pay pal fees - $120

Total - $282


If we reach our intended target of $3,000 the recipients receive 91% of all the donations made.  


Coloré Design


Coloré Design donated participant prizes for our Zumba & Spin event at Concordia University (Le Gym).

Reebok Montréal


The downtown Reebok branch in Montreal donated participation prizes for our Zumba & Spin event at Concordia University (Le Gym).

Rotary International in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


Rotary Club of Bulawayo are our partners on the ground. They worked with us on the Takaliawa Primary School project, bursaries for Vungwi Primary School and are currently working with us on our 2017 Hope Primary school project. 


Rotary Belmont Club, District 9210, facilitated the delivery of the desks & chairs to Vungwi school as part of our A Run for Education project.



If you are interested in sponsoring Aspīrāre Foundation or one of our upcoming events, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Feel free to contact us for more information.